July 18 in history


On July 18:

1848 English cricketer W.G. Grace was born.

W G Grace taking guard, 1883

1855 New Zealand’s first postage stamps went on sale.

1918 Nelson Mandela ws born.

1925 Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf.

1984 Beverly Lynn Burns became the first female to captain a Boeing 747.

Capt. Burns on flight deck of DC-10 c.1993

Stamps from Aotearoa to Zeeland


New Zealand Post is providing the chance for a (t is for) tiki tour through New Zealand culture history, heritage and kiwiana with its latest issue of stamps.

The 26 stamps go from A is for Aotearoa through G for the Good Night Kiwi (you’ll have to be old enough to remember when TV stopped transmission over night for that one); and S is for southern cross to Z is for Zeeland.

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