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One year anniversary – Offsetting Behaviour celebrates his birthday with links to posts readers liked, and some the writerd did but readers didn’t. Also at Offsetting Behaviour – beer and revenue – how hatred led to better health.

Prentice to challenge Shadbolt?


Tim Shadbolt has cemented himself so firmly into the role of Invercargill’s mayor it’s looked like the position would be his as long as he wanted it.

But ructions in council, culminating in his unsuccessful bid to pass a vote of no confidence in his deputy Neil Boniface, have loosened his hold on the mayoral chains.

The grapevine is beginning to ask if he’s had his time and Invercargill born and raised singer Suzanne Prentice, who is on the city’s Licensing Trust,  may be a strong challenger.

The Invercargill-based entertainer attended a council meeting this week as a “concerned ratepayer”, and watched Mr Shadbolt fail in his bid to oust long-serving deputy mayor Neil Boniface.

Asked how she felt after the meeting, Ms Prentice said she was still concerned and was seriously considering standing for the mayoralty.

“I am doing my homework.”

She hoped to make a decision early next year.

Tim Shadbolt has done a lot for the city and he’s certainly improved its profile. But criticism of him is growing.

Southern Squall has been covering the issue and ran a poll asking if recent events had changed people’s support for Shadbolt.

It’s unscientific but attracted 347 respondents which is  a good number for a blog poll.

However, the significance isn’t so much in the results but that the question was asked at all. Until recently, criticism of the mayor was muted and there was no real sign of a serious challenger.

Now there’s both and if there’s a challenger with a good chance of unseating him, it could be Prentice.

P.S. The ODT’s editorial covers Shadbolt’s showdown.

Did you see the one about . . .


Oh the things I learn . . . BK Drinkwater disproves the wisdom of crowds.

Florence Nightingale was a statistician Alison Campbell at Sciblogs posts on how the pioneering nurse won her case with numbers.

Also at Sciblogs: Visual illusions, change blindness and autism – Grant Jacobs asks how much of what we see is really there?

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APN chicken out – Cactus Kate reveals media impotency by financial decree.

Gotcha! TRM funding cut – Whaleoil claims another scalp.

And a new (to me) blog: Southern Squall – a gale of views from the south.

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