NZ’s in the final


What a game!

South Africa
281/5 (43) Live
New Zealand
288/6 (42.2)

Satorially black and blue


The expansion of the Tri Nations to include the Pumas in the Rugby Championship is good for the sport.

I don’t think I was alone in getting a bit bored with New Zealand playing Australia and South Africa so often and the addition of Argentina injects fresh interest.

It will also help the team.

The Pumas started as the under-dogs but their draw with South Africa in Mendoza shows they are competitive.

If they were playing any other team tonight I’d be backing them.

But when they play New Zealand my affection for Argentina takes a step back and black trumps blue in my emotions.

Sartorially though it’s a bit tricky because while like most New Zealanders I have a lot of black in my wardrobe I also have a lot of blue.

That reflects how I feel about tonight’s game.

The blue shows I hope the Pumas play well, the black shows I hope they don’t play too well.


Vamos Argentina pero . . .


If Argentina was playing any other team than the All Blacks I’d be backing Los Pumas.

Since they are playing New Zealand I’m saying vamos Argentina pero no demasiado bien  – play well Argentina, but not too well.

I’m conflicted with the other quarter-final game.

I want the winner to be whichever team the All Blacks are most likely to defeat should we get through to the next round and I’d like that to be Australia. But my farmer who knows far more about rugby than I do and who was in Brisbane to for the last Tri-Nations game when the Wallabies beat the All Blacks, reckons South Africa might be an easier semi-final opponent.

We were at a 21st birthday party last night but what from what I saw of the two games,  Wales deserved its 22-10 victory over Ireland and the French earned their semi-fianl spot by beating England 19 -12.


Pigeon post beats email


We mutter about the frustrations of rural broadband which isn’t very fast, but it’s better than dial up and it’s definitely better than South Africa where a carrier pigeon got a message through faster than email:

Computer experts at a South African firm said it took six hours to transfer four gigabytes of encrypted data from Durban to a call centre 50 miles away near Pietermaritzburg.

Staff at Unlimited Group, a financial services company, today attached a memory card to the leg of a pigeon called Winston who took just over an hour for the trip.

In total the flight, plus the time needed for the data to be uploaded, took under three hours. 

Pigeon post was used by the Persians and Romans more than 2000 years ago . How far have we come when in some parts of the world that’s still faster than 21st century technology?

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