365 days of gratitude


My mother heard a recipe for soufflé on the radio, tried it, found it was delicious, shared the recipe with me and I’ve cooked it often.

Shortly after getting the soufflé recipe I came across a recipe for roulade, found it was delicious and I’ve cooked it often too.

Both are similar – separate eggs, beat whites, make a white sauce, stir in yolks then fold in the beaten whites.

The main difference is in how they’re cooked – the roulade in a sponge roll tin so it can be filled and rolled when it’s cooked, and the soufflé in a soufflé dish with a collar of paper which allows it to rise.

But there is another difference – the roulade has less flour than the soufflé.

I usually double the recipe when I make either of them but today with just my farmer and me for lunch I opted for a single recipe for the soufflé.

I’ve made it so often I can do it from memory. Once it was safely in the oven I remembered a friend asked me to email her the recipe, decided I should check the ingredients, I found the little red note book in which the recipe is written and realised I’d halved the amount of flour I used.

Soufflés are reputed to be temperamental and altering the amount of an ingredient isn’t recommended.

However, in spite of less flour than it ought to have, the soufflé rose and tasted for fine.

I wouldn’t recommend doing that again, but I’m grateful it worked this time, though it didn’t look quite as good as this one which had the correct amount of flour.





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