Anyone for Skippy steaks?


A University of Sydney study found that farming kangaroos  instead of sheep and cattle could cut greenhouse gases produced by grazing livestock by almost 25%.

Farm animals account for about 11% of Australia’s greenhouse emissions. The study reckons that replacing 7 million cattle and 36 million sheep with 175 million kangaroos by 2020 could produce the same amount of meat while lowering greenhouse gases by 3% a year.


However, the study said changing farming practices in Australia, which is one of the world’s top wool and beef producers but sells by comparison only small amounts of kangaroo meat for human consumption, would not be easy.


“The change will require large cultural and social adjustments and reinvestment. One of the impediments to change is protective legislation and the status of kangaroos as a national icon,” it said.

It will also take a marketing campaign because anyone old enough to remember Skippy might have some trouble digesting the idea of kangaroo steaks.

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