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Open Parachute has posted his regular monthly blog rankings:

There are now 279 New Zealand blogs in the list.

The top 30 are:

Visit Rank Blog Visits/month Page Views/month
1 Whale oil beef hooked 767409 1628849
2 Kiwiblog 374944 648727
3 The Standard 193319 438265
4 The Daily Blog 181888 281529
5 Auckland Transport Blog 142709 148616
6 Throng New Zealand 52676 101376
7 Sciblogs 46993 65302
8 NewZeal 41815 54563
9 Liturgy 39849 55479
10 The Dim-Post 38214 52953
11 Canterbury Atheists 34294 36159
12 No Right Turn 31480 40742
13 Keeping stock 25187 40021
14 No Minister 23892 31330
15 The REAL Steve Gray 21122 22357
16 Homepaddock 20620 50402
17 coNZervative 18573 18758
18 Colour me there 17209 22516
19 Fields of Blood 13774 21793
20 TVHE 13693 19495
21 Hot Topic 12695 17613
22 Imperator Fish 11814 17214
23 Liberation 11069 18453
24 Sportsfreak 10386 10510
25 Offsetting Behaviour 9683 13687
26 Lance Wiggs 9074 10741
27 Open Parachute 8664 12530
28 MandM 8395 10061
29 Matte Shot 7579 12341
30 Tikorangi The Jury Garden 7318 11162

There was an unusual spike in visits here on Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th.

stats august

Nothing in the search terms indicated a reason nor was tehre anything out of the ordinary about any of the posts or comments that day to explain it but statcounter, recorded a similar spike.

Page Views

Unique Visits

First Time Visits

Returning Visits











Friday 9th August 2013





Thursday 8th August 2013





Wednesday 7th August 2013





Tuesday 6th August 2013





Monday 5th August 2013





Sunday 4th August 2013





Saturday 3rd August 2013





Friday 2nd August 2013





Thursday 1st August 2013





Stats stuttering


Sitemeter usually has a slightly more conservative total than other visit counters but the trend is usually the same.

But on Friday and yesterday it stuttered – no visits on the 27th and only 58 visits and 62 page views on the 28th?

Anyone else notice something similar on your blog?

This Month's Visits and Page Views

7002nd post


Just noticed that this morning’s history post was the 7,000th which makes this the 7002nd.

The first was written almost three years ago – on April 22nd – and in that time they’ve been 13, 435 comments. 

The WordPress counter which takes in repeated visits not just unique ones has recorded 650,624 views.

I didn’t start using Sitemeter until July – it’s counted 440,876 unique visitors since then: 

Total 440,876

There have also been 108,171 spam comments which indicates many of the visitors weren’t here to read the posts but just dropped by to leave unwanted remarks.

Sigh – I’d better not give up my day job.

Stat time again


Open Parachute has published his monthly blog rankings.

They rely on public access to Sitemeter stats which is why some popular blogs don’t feature.

Sitemeter always seems to be less generous with its counting than Stat Counter.

In September Sitemeter recorded 16,528 unique visitors for this blog and 22,818 total visits. While Stat Counter recorded 17,472 unique visitors and 24,206 total visits.

To put that in perspective the top three blogs on Open Parachute’s chart got 227207 visits (Kiwiblog); 147877 visits (New Zeal) and  134 942 visits (Throng New Zealand).

Stat time


August stats:

Posts: 208

Comments: 588ish (quick count).

 Statcounter: Total visits:  25, 013 unique visits: 18089.

Sitemeter:      Total visits: 24,010,  unique visits: 16220.


nominister.blogspot.com/ 1,827
nzconservative.blogspot.com/ 586
kiwiblog.co.nz/blogroll 571
asianinvasion2006.blogspot.com/ 554
kiwiblog.co.nz/ 387
pmofnz.blogspot.com/ 153
keepingstock.blogspot.com/ 115
roarprawn.blogspot.com/ 114
lindsaymitchell.blogspot.com/ 69
WordPress Dashboard 67
thehandmirror.blogspot.com/ 65
quoteunquotenz.blogspot.com/ 55
macdoctor.co.nz/ 46
nzblogosphere.blogspot.com/ 35
farmgirllive.blogspot.com/ 35
dimpost.wordpress.com/2010/08/12/rip-… 35
poneke.wordpress.com/ 34
oswaldbastable.blogspot.com/ 27
google.com/reader/view/ 23
stephenfranks.co.nz/?p=2915 22
netvibes.com/privatepage/1 21
google.co.nz/ 18
en.wordpress.com/tag/busted-blonde/ 17
google.com/reader/view/?hl=en 16
motella.blogspot.com/ 16
kiwiblog.co.nz/must_read_blogs 15
google.co.nz/reader/view/?hl=en… 15
macilree.blogspot.com/ 14
google.co.in/ 13
google.com.au/reader/view/ 13
poneke.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/sorry… 13
keepingstock.blogspot.com/2010/08/nbr… 13
antidismal.blogspot.com/ 13
tumeke.blogspot.com/ 12
pasturetoprofit.blogspot.com/ 11
offsettingbehaviour.blogspot.com/ 10
tineye.com/search/7cbd82b6b0ae9e52f5c… 9
roarprawn.blogspot.com/2010/08/bit-sa… 9
beingfrank.co.nz/ 9
sepatuputihku.xpac.info/home.php 8


  Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 160,995 121,338 79,418 41,920
Average 17,888 13,482 8,824 4,658
Month Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Sep 2010 398 287 192 95
Aug 2010 25,013 18,089 11,673 6,416
Jul 2010 24,036 16,836 10,814 6,022
Jun 2010 20,543 15,157 9,547 5,610
May 2010 19,351 14,886 9,489 5,397
Apr 2010 18,448 13,979 9,267 4,712
Mar 2010 19,844 15,715 10,782 4,933
Feb 2010 16,534 13,057 8,736 4,321
Jan 2010 16,828 13,332 8,918 4,414


This Year’s Visits and Page Views by Month

This Year's Visits and Page Views by Month

UPDATE: Open Parachute has the August blog rankings. If your blog isn’t one of the 214 ranked it might be because you need to have sitemeter with public access to stats.

Vatican visiting


Sitemeter not only tracks the number of visitors to a blog, it also records where they come from.

When I checked tongight, I was intrigued to find that someone from the Vatican City had visited.

Last time I copied the pie chart of visitors, technological wizardry which I don’t understand, allowed it to change. I’m not sure if that always happens, if it does you’ll have to take my word that when I posted this, it did show a visitor from the Vatican.
Country Share

Stat time of the month


It’s stat time of the month again when Tim Selwyn of Tumeke! calls for blog stats for the Blogosphere Rankings.

In September at Homepaddock:

Sitemeter recorded 13,478 unique visitors. Stat Counter more generously recorded 15, 117 unique visitors.

 There were 238 posts which received a total of 497 comments.

The four most commented on posts were: 33 on Coal to fertiliser plant for Southland? on 25.9; 17 on Kiwirail must pay its way on 30.9;   16 on Greenpeace has wrong target for wrong reasons on 17.9 and 12 each on  Last cab has the mana and the power on  15.9 and The honourable member on 29.9.

The top 10 referring blogs were:

nominister.blogspot.com 1,580
asianinvasion2006.blogspot.com 924
kiwiblog.co.nz/blogroll 340
nzconservative.blogspot.com 273
kismetfarm.blogspot.com 169
keepingstock.blogspot.com 138
pmofnz.blogspot.com 126
lindsaymitchell.blogspot.com 75
macdoctor.co.nz 70
roarprawn.blogspot.com 69

Thank you for popping in and an electronic bunch of daffodils to all who left a comment.


This Year’s Visits and Page Views by Month

This Year's Visits and Page Views by Month

The graph from StatCounter doesn’t want to copy but here are the figures:

Page Loads                 Unique Visitors                                            First Time Visitors                           Returning Visitors
Total 21,862 15,117 8,918 6,199
Average 729 504 297 207

Naked Stats


Three bloggers rank blogs. They use different methods and not surprisingly get different results.

Tumeke!,  has the longest running ranking. Halfdone  joined in a few months ago and more recent is Open Parachute who posted today about ranking with Sitemeter data.

There’s a school of thought that the only reliable way to rank blogs is by using actual sitemeter data for visits. Unfortunately, most blogs don’t make this information public. Perhaps if more did bloggers could compare their statistics with those for other sites or have a listed ranking. This would help their interpretation.

It depends on what you’re ranking of course, visits are only one measure, comments are another and some blogs get fewer visitors but more comments. But quantity isn’t necessarily the same as quality anyway.

However, since it’s all just a bit of fun and there’s no reason to keep stats secret, should anyone want to know how many people pop into Homepaddock, what they look at and where they come from, click on the Sitemeter logo above the Clustermap at the bottom of the sidebar and it’s all there for the world to see.

I started blogging last April but didn’t install Sitemeter until part way through July, since then it’s recorded:

This Year’s Visits by Month

This Year's Visits by Month

What intrigues me most is where people come from and I wonder if visitors from far flung corners of the world come by accident or design.

Country Share

Country Share

You can click on Clustermap to see where people come from too. It also counts visitors but is less generous than Sitemeter.

What’s in a number?


Monkey with Typewriter is discouraged by a lack of feedback so has written his last post.

I’m sorry because I enjoy his satirical view.

Some of the fun in blogging is the feedback and it’s easy enough to count comments but it’s harder to gauge readership because some people check blogs through RSS readings rather than visits. And while I won’t pretend to understand how Alexa gets its numbers I’ve noticed they don’t seem to have any correlation with the Sitemeter stats.

In spite of a ranking of 12 in Half Done’s February blog ranking,  and a rise of three to 12th in Tumeke’s January ranking ,  Homepaddock is at 23 in Open Parachute’s rating   and I could be upset by the apparent fall or happy to be so high when there’s hundreds of NZ blogs around.

But what stands out for me is not the places but the difference between them. If you look at the gulf between Kiwiblog’s well-deserved grasp on the top spot and compare the numbers of visitors, posts and comments that keep him there with mine I’m just paddling in the shallows.

That doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy the feedback and appreciate comments, I also check visitor stats now and then and like it when they increase but if my blogging depended on numbers of either or both I’d have given up months ago.

UPDATE: MWT fans can relax, the monkey has had second thoughts.

Homepaddock visitor record


Yesterday Sitemeter recorded the most visitors to Homepaddock since I started blogging at the end of April.

A total of 1,160 unique visits was recorded – although to put that in to perspective Kiwiblog probably has more than that an hour.

The reason for the interest yesterday? A short post on the photo finish in the Melbourne Cup, written because I happened to be sitting at the computer when the news crossed live to the commentary.

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