Can’t see past chip on shoulder

August 12, 2010

I’ve always regarded the Dim in Dim Post as satirical because his posts show he’s bright.

However, today he can’t see past the chip on his shoulder in a bitter and twisted response to the death of Sir Ron Trotter.

If you’re going to attack someone it’s better to do so when they’re alive and can counter the aspersions cast.

Although this isn’t so much a personal attack as a reflection of Dim’s politics.

As such it’s a sad indictment on a belief that it’s not possible to create wealth without making others poorer. It also  fails to recognise that Sir Ron used the hard work and skills which made him so successful in business in public service too.

Stephen Franks posts an antidote to Dim’s toxin here.

P.S. – just as I pushed delete to empty the spam folder I caught sight of a comment left on eysterday’s post about Sir Ron which I think was a genuine one about a tribute site for him, if you re-do the comment I’ll make sure it’s not deleted.

Sir Ron Trotter was farmers’ friend

August 11, 2010

A text informed me the farmers’ friend had died.

It was referring to Sir Ron Trotter who  was a graduate of what was then Lincoln College (now University).

He was managing director and chair of Wright Stephenson and instrumental in its merger with National Mortgage about which the NBR tells a wonderful story.

Wrightson NMA was one of the most successful stock and station agencies in the country at a time when local managers were trusted to back people in whom they had confidence.

The NBR also says Sir Ron was a champion of the economic reforms of the 80s.

 Most farmers were unhappy with them at the time but few would want to turn back the clock now and many see the sense in ideas put forward by the Business Round Table which he helped to found.

New Zealand has lost a successful businessman who was generous with his time and skills in many public roles.

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