Nobel laureates dismiss GM food fears

December 21, 2018

Overblown fears about genetically modified foods are limiting scientific progress:

Winners of this year’s Nobel prize for chemistry say overblown fears about genetically modified foods risk preventing society benefiting from the technology.

Prof Frances Arnold, from the US, and Sir Gregory Winter, from Britain, made the comments on Friday ahead of Monday’s presentation of the prize.

“We’ve been modifying the biological world at the level of DNA for thousands of years,” Arnold said at a news conference, citing examples such as new dog breeds.

“Somehow there is this new fear of what we already have been doing and that fear has limited our ability to provide real solutions.”

Arnold argued that genetically modified crops could make food production more environmentally sustainable and help feed the world’s growing population. Genetic modifications can make crops drought and disease resistant. . .

Farmers in Denver and Nebraska have been growing GM corn for years with no adverse affects.

They told us that they need less fuel, fungicide and pesticide than they used to with conventional crops.

Growing GM crops reduces costs and has a lower impact on the environment.

Why is it the people who back the science on climate change are often the ones to deride it when it comes to GM even though it is green technology?

I wonder if they realise that in spite of claims we’re GM free in New Zealand, most products with corn or soy on our supermarket shelves will come from GM seed?

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