Bridge Over Troubled Water


The Story of Bridge Over Troubled Water


The first *LP I bought was Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits.

I had probably heard Bridge Over Troubled Water on the Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night request sessions. I don’t remember when but I do know it was love at first sound.

*For those too young to know what an LP is, it’s a vinyl record, played on a record player, or if you were lucky enough a stereo, at a speed of ​33 ¹⁄₃ rpm.


A Hazy Shade of Winter


Counting down to Simon and Garfunkel’s concert this weekend, a wintery song for a very wintery day.

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Whether there hasn’t been any good music since the 70s – or indeed whether music from 70s and earlier was good – are moot points.

But Simon and Garfunkel still take a lot of beating and in celebration of their concert next Saturday, here’s my favourite, from 1969:

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