Was it cleaner’s revenge?


It wasn’t cold by South Island standards but the Auckland hotel room was a little cooler than I find comfortable.

It had what we call a heat pump on the Mainland, but I suspect it’s used more often as an air conditioner up here and regardless of which setting I tried, all I could get was cold air.

I had a restless night because I wasn’t quite warm enough, got up at 6.30 without putting brain in gear, turned on the shower and got drenched with cold water.

It’s the fault of the shower designer that the rose is on the wall directly opposite the door. I was staying only one night so couldn’t have done anything to upset the cleaner the day before. But I wonder if someone else had and that’s why s/he had angled the shower rose so the water gushed straight out rather than down?

Memo to people who design hotel showers


A good shower is important not just for physical cleanliness but also mental wellbeing.

The factors which contribute to both have escaped or been ignored by many of the people who design hotel bathrooms.

A good shower  needs:

* Taps or mixers placed so you can use them without scalding or freezing yourself .

* Taps or mixers which can be adjusted to the desired temperature easily so minute changes don’t cause scalds or frost bite.

*Adequate water pressure which allows you to wet yourself all over and rinse off soap and shampoo. Water may be a scarce resource but something more than a trickle is required to both clean and revive the showerer.

* An area big enough to allow you to shower yourself without hitting walls or doors.

* A watertight surround – curtain, wall and or/door – which allows you to shower without flooding the floor.

* Hooks or rails close at hand for towels and clothes.

Save power without sacrificing shower


There must be better ways to save power than endangering our physical and mental wellbeing by reducing the flow in our showers to a dribble.

So here’s your chance to give free rein to your inner environmentalist, show you don’t have to sacrifice clean to be green and come up with ideas that will save the planet without sacrifcing personal hygiene and comfort.

First prize gets the biggest laugh, and to get things started here’s my contribution:

The fashion industry could take a lead by promoting the crumpled look. There must be lots of watts wasted by wanton de-wrinkling.

If the fashionistas were to press for less pressing, make the dishevelled look de rigeur and say that creases are cool we could not only save power but also the time wasted by needlessly ironing the crinkles from clothes.

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