Tom Walsh won the bronze medal in the shot put.

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New Zealand is now 17th in the medal tally with four gold, eight silver and three bronze.

We were second on the medals per capita table before Walsh won the bronze.

The total of 15 is the best yet for the country.

Silver for Aadams


Valerie Adams has won a silver medal in the shot put.

TVNZ’s commentary:

1.01pm: Carter from US first up with a throw of 19.12m.

1.06am: Adams’ first throw is 19.79m. Went a little high for her liking.

1:12pm: Everyone has thrown now, and Adams remains in front. They have three throws each before eight more go onto the next phase. 

1.13pm: WOW! Carter from the US has thrown 19.82m. She leads Adams by 3cm.

1.15pm: DOUBLE WOW! Adams goes HUGE. 20.42m to retake the lead! What does that say to the rest of the field?

1.21pm: End of the second round. Adams leads by 60cm over Carter of the US.

1.22pm: Carter’s third effort can’t beat her second.

1.24pm: Third throw for Adams, short of 20m. 19.80. She remains in front.

1.31pm: Three throws down, three to go. Adams in front. Four athletes are cut for the rest of the competition.

1.39pm: Going in reverse order now. Carter improves her best to 19.87m.

1.40pm: Adams went quick, and wasn’t happy. She walks out of the circle so is red flagged.

1.45pm: Penultimate throw for Adams. Short of 20m again. Carter is her only serious rival, but can’t get over 20m.

1.52pm: NO! Carter goes huge. Adams pushed into second!

1.57pm: That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of sport. Adams looked to have wrapped up the gold with her second throw of 20.42m, but Michelle Carter of the US pulled out an astonishing effort of 20.63m. Adams couldn’t beat it with her last effort.

2.04pm: It’s going to take a while for this to sink it. But let’s appreciate Carter’s performance for a second. Her last throw, her last chance of winning, and she delivers something special.

That leaves New Zealand in 19th place with a medal tally of one gold and six silver.

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