Shearer competition


Kaikoura MP Colin King was a champion shearer in a past life and has been having a bit of fun on Facebook:

Colin King

What would you know – I got competition – Labour has got a shearer!!!

To which some of his friends responded:

  • § not much competition at that

11 hours ago ·

  • § Labour = fleece the middle class
  • § Give him a battle!

11 hours ago ·

  • § must be speed shear time

10 hours ago ·

  • § I guess it’s a socialist plan to pull the wool over hard working NZer’s eyes again

10 hours ago · ·

  • § Time to shear it and sell it! Its the only way we can pay for there plans

9 hours ago ·

  • § gee… didn’t Grant Robertson look sheepish today….. plotting away….

9 hours ago ·

  • § Is it true that David Shearer & Helen Clarke did an Overseas Job Exchange back in 2008? Seems he’s now renegged on the deal and want’s to keep her seat!

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