July 10, 2011

7/10 in the NZ Herald travel quiz.

Could I have a bonus point for having been to Gibraltar and also having read Scruffy, Paul Gallico’s book which is set there?

Tuesday’s Answers

June 15, 2010

Monday’s questions were:

1. Why was Ernesto Guevara given the nickname Che?

2. What do you add to soil to improve its pH?

3. Who said “Relativity applies to physics not ethics.”?

4. Who wrote Scruffy and what sort of animal was he (Scruffy not the author).

5. What is actinidia chinensis?

I didn’t know there was a book about a tug boat called Scruffy but I accept the knowledge of those who read mroe widelyt han I do.

GD gets the electronic bouquet with  4 right and I’m giving him the fifth because he got the author right and was on the right track with the animal – (though an ape isn’t a mokney).

David got two right, close enough with the kiwifruit and a obnus for extra info on the soil.

Andrei got 3 plus a  1/2 for # 4  but I’ll give him the other 1/2for being near enough with the author and a bonus because his answers to #1 and 4 made me grin.

PDM got 1 1/2 and I’m giving him 1/2 for #3 with a bonus for amusing me with  #1 and no points off for calling me a mad cow because of the quiz in a comment on the post on blood donors 🙂

Paul got three and a bonus for extra info.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break:

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