No más, no más


The Taranaki Daily News  has also had enough:

“No más, no más.”

With those infamous words legendary boxer Roberto Duran threw his gloves up in resignation and quit a gripping 1980 world title fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, retiring to his corner to lick his physical and spiritual wounds, says the Taranaki Daily News.

With that dramatic exit, his image of invincibility was pierced, his fearsome reputation shattered. The man who would go on to win world titles in four weight divisions would always be remembered as that guy who gave up.

Right now, we can all understand how he felt; what it’s like to be worn down over too many rounds by a slippery opponent who ducks and weaves, slips the punches, boxes clever and gets in the odd cheap shot.

And even now, with Winston Peters’ image of invincibility pierced, his fearsome reputation shattered, we all sit in that corner with Duran and exclaim that we’ve seen enough political bloodletting in this interminable, slow-motion car crash.

“No mas, no mas”.

The public and the Labour Party, that is.

. . . Mr Peters and Miss Clark may leave this particular bout with a few new bruises and wobbly teeth, but that will be nothing compared with what they are likely to experience in November, when the real pain starts.

We’ve all had enough of this sorry mess. But come November, we will be asked for our definitive judgment, and Labour might not like the result.

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