Willis claims bronze

August 21, 2016

Nick Willis claimed a bronze medal in the 1500m race.

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That gives New Zealand a best yet medal haul of 18 – four gold, nine silver and five bronze.

NZ Olympic Team's photo.

That puts us 19th in the gold medal ranking and 14th for total medals.

We’re 4th for medals per capita and weighted medals per capita and fith for golds per capita. 

Ko claims silver

August 21, 2016

Golfer Lydia Ko has won a silver medal.

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She showed a commendable sporting sense in her win:

. . . Ko was celebrating winning silver rather than commiserating a lost gold.

“You win a gold, silver or bronze medal this week. Sometimes people get carried away and say you ‘lost’ to someone but, no matter the result, you won. You’ve done great.

“Seeing athletes with these medals on tv affected me more than I ever imagined. Seeing other New Zealanders winning on social media made me want to make my contribution to the tally.”

Ko appreciated the support on course.

“Seeing athletes like [rower] Eric Murray or the women’s sevens team out here has been great. I feel like I played better hearing their support coming down the stretch. It felt like I was playing back home.”  . . . 


“Having this silver medal is just a dream come true. The Olympics isn’t about [whether] somebody lost to another player. It celebrates each and every athlete and we’ve all won. This week has just been surreal.”

New Zealand is 19th on the medal table. New Zealand is 19th on the gold medal table and 14th for total medals.

The 17 medals won, four gold, nine silver and four bronze is the best yet.


4th bronze

August 20, 2016

Pole vaulter Eliza McCartney has won a bronze medal – New Zealand’s fourth in the Rio Olympics.

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New Zealand is now 18th in the medal tally per country with 16 medals – four gold, eight silver and four bronze.

Of interest, though possibly not importance, most of the medals have been won by women.


August 19, 2016

Tom Walsh won the bronze medal in the shot put.

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New Zealand is now 17th in the medal tally with four gold, eight silver and three bronze.

We were second on the medals per capita table before Walsh won the bronze.

The total of 15 is the best yet for the country.

Bronze, 2 silver, gold

August 19, 2016

Lisa Carrington became the first New Zealand woman to win two medals at the same Olympics when she won a bronze medal in the K1 500 this morning.

That follows her gold in the 200 two days ago and in doing so she joins Valerie Adams and Barbara Kendall in an elite group of women who’ve won three Olympic medals.

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Team Jolly, Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie sailed to silver in the 470 class, a remarkable feat after coming back from two disqualifications.

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Molly Meech and Alex Maloney also sailed to silver in the 49er FX class.

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Peter Burling and Blair Tuke didn’t even have to turn up today to win gold in the sailing 49er. They were already so far ahead of the next contenders but they not only turned up they won the race.

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New Zealand is now 14th in medals per country.

Gold and bronze

August 17, 2016

Lisa Carrington has won gold in the 200m canoe sprint.


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And Sam Meech has sailed to bronze in the laser:

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New Zealand now has three gold, six silver and a bronze which puts us 14th in the medal tally.

And while this doesn’t get a medal, here’s a win for sporting behaviour:

“Regardless of the race and the result on the board, that’s a moment that you’re never ever going to forget for the rest of your life, that girl shaking my shoulder, like, ‘Come on, get up’.” – Nikki Hamblin

‪#‎BeTheInspiration‬ ‪#‎Rio2016‬

Hamblin’s sportsmanship lauded | New Zealand Olympic Team
New Zealand middle-distance runner Nikki Hamblin was caught up in a dramatic incident at the athletics stadium today. Hamblin and American Abbey d’Agostino…

NZ on top per capita

August 15, 2016

New Zealand is on top of the Olympic medal tally on a per capita basis according to Statistics NZ:

On a medals per capita basis, New Zealand now ranks at the top of the table with two gold medals and six silver at the Rio Olympics, Statistics NZ said today.

With eight medals overall at the half way stage at Rio, New Zealand is the highest performing country, with the equivalent of 1.77 medals for every one million people.

Slovenia is second on 1.45 medals for every one million people. Hungary and Denmark are third and fourth respectively, with Fiji coming in fifth based on its one gold for the men’s rugby sevens win.

However, on a per capita basis for gold medals alone, Fiji tops the table, with its one gold for a population of just under 900,000. On that basis, New Zealand’s two gold medals leave it in sixth place, with a population of more than 4.5 million.

During the weekend, Mahe Drysdale’s single sculls gold medal was the high point for the New Zealand team.

On Saturday, New Zealand won two silver medals, for shot-putter Valerie Adams and at the rowing where Genevieve Behrent and Rebecca Scown also picked up a medal in the pair.

 Graph, Gold medals per million population, provisional count (15 August 2016), Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Graph, Medals per million population, provisional count (15 August 2016), Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Olympic Medals Per Capita   also ranks countries by medals per GDP.

1 Grenada 1 0.82 0.82
2 North Korea 6 22.00 3.67
3 Fiji 1 3.81 3.81
4 Mongolia 2 8.56 4.28
5 Jamaica 3 15.07 5.02
6 Kyrgyzstan 1 5.92 5.92
7 Georgia 2 14.37 7.18
8 Ethiopia 4 31.71 7.93
9 Uzbekistan 5 45.36 9.07
10 Hungary 13 140.03 10.77
11 Kenya 3 33.62 11.21
12 Cuba 5 60.81 12.16
13 Belarus 4 55.14 13.78
14 Lithuania 3 42.73 14.24
15 New Zealand 8 130.68 16.33
16 Slovenia 3 49.54 16.51
17 Kosovo 1 18.84 18.84
18 Croatia 3 63.85 21.28
19 Bahrain 1 21.90 21.90
20 Estonia 1 22.18 22.18

It also gives a weighted medals per capita where where gold is worth four points, silver two and bronze one:

1 Grenada 2 106,825 53,412
2 Fiji 4 892,145 223,036
3 New Zealand 20 4,595,700 229,785
4 Slovenia 7 2,063,768 294,824
5 Jamaica 9 2,725,941 302,882
6 Hungary 31 9,844,686 317,570
7 Croatia 10 4,224,404 422,440
8 Denmark 13 5,676,002 436,615
9 Kosovo 4 1,859,203 464,800
10 Australia 47 23,781,169 505,982
11 Great Britain 99 65,138,232 657,961
12 Bahrain 2 1,377,237 688,618
13 Switzerland 12 8,286,976 690,581
14 Lithuania 4 2,910,199 727,549
15 Netherlands 23 16,936,520 736,370
16 Sweden 13 9,798,871 753,759
17 Puerto Rico 4 3,474,182 868,545
18 Slovakia 6 5,424,050 904,008
19 Mongolia 3 2,959,134 986,378
20 Belgium 11 11,285,721 1,025,974

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