Tuesday’s Answers


Monday’s questions were:

1. Who adopted Anne Shirley?

2. Who said, “People who life in New Zealand by choice as distinct from an accident of birth, and who are committed to this land and its people and steeped in their knowledge of both, are no less ‘indigenous’ than Maori.”?

3. Where is Colonia del Sacramento, (if there’s more than one, I’m looking for the World Heritage site).

4. What is a haugh?

5. How many teeth does a hogget have?

Paul Tremewan retains the winner’s crown, although loses a half point for getting the surname in 1 wrong (she married Gilbert). He gets a bonus for an alternative answer to 4.

Kismet gets a bonus for being first to answer anything.

Ray gets a bonus for his answer to 4 and for the full answer for 5.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break.

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