Look who’s telling you not to

November 24, 2011

Camapigners for MMP who reckon we should support that system because of the people who’re telling us not to, might want to think again.

Look who’s telling us not to vote for change – the Right Wing Resistance:

Don’t make the mistake to vote for anything but MMP, the tricky slimy government have tried to confuse people by chucking in other options, MMP ain’t perfect but its better then the one party system these anti democratic people want to go back to.

What do they stand for?

Mission We are an organized unified resistance movement against mass immigration, the Dilution of our European Culture and Pride, and the current multicultural agenda created by the current government networks designed to destroy our colonial rights and identity. We stand with an active structure that rewards those who work hard for the movement. Function Our primary purpose is to recruit like minded individuals and groups into an organization of active men and women.

They also support New Zealand First, or they did yesterday when the website said:

 If you want traditional Kiwi life vote NZ First.

Today that line has been changed to:

In this country we must vote for the smaller parties.

There’s only one of the wee parties they could possibly mean.

If these people are telling us to support MMP that’s a very good reason to vote for change.

Hat Tip: Keeping Stock

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