Not interested but . . .


Like Reasonable Ray  and Inventory 2 I think it’s far too early for rugby.

I’ll go further than them and say I’m sick of it already because:

* there’s too much, too often.

* I hate the way it dominates so many other things so we have to arrange functions round it or provide a TV then have people divided into those who watch and object to other things or people who  interfere with the watching, those who sort of watch but can converse as well and those who don’t watch at all.

* I’m bored with games against Australia and South Africa.

* I need an emotional connection to enjoy watching and I know too little about most of the players to have one.

So I’d made a deliberate decision not to watch tonight’s game. But I happened to be cooking dinner at 7.30 and having seen a teaser on the news thought I might as well watch the opening minutes until the meal was ready.

My farmer was late so having started watching I kept on – not properly with undivided attention, I ate and cleared up from dinner, read the ODT & NBR, and wrote a couple of emails too. But I kept an ear on the commentary and every now and then I’d watch what was happening.

So there you are, even though I’m sick of  rugby, could only name a couple of players and not really interested, I still watched and oh how I hoped that Otago would win.

For the record they didn’t: Brumbies 33-  Otago 31.

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