Ray Columbus 1942 – 2016


New Zealand pop legend Ray Columbus has died.

The Christchurch-born and raised entertainer will be remembered for his stylish dress, his unique dancing style and a string of hit records.

The single ‘She’s a Mod’ in 1964 cemented Ray Columbus and the Invaders a place in New Zealand music history, when it reached the top of the charts in Australia. . . .

I remember him on the TV programme C’Mon and going dewey-eyed over this song:

Ray Columbus & The Invaders – Till We Kissed


A Saturday morning bonus for New Zealand Music Month – Ray Columbus and The Invaders with Till We Kissed.

This was the group’s biggest hit, selling 50,000 copies in 1965. It was still popular four years later because I can remember it being played at an Intermediate School disc dance.

Ray Columbus & The Invaders – She’s A Mod


Day nine of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music month.

I remember watching this on black and white TV, sometime in the 1960s – probably on Happen Inn – it’s Ray Columbus and The Invaders with She’s A Mod.

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