Maori Party not looking to merge with Mana


The Maori Party is meeting with the Mana Party to discuss co-operation on issues but it’s not looking to merge:

Maori Party president Rangimarie Naida Glavish said:

. . . “It is vital that we work with other parties to achieve the needs of our people and that’s why we’ve left ourselves open to working with whoever is in government at anytime be they blue or red, green or yellow.

“It makes sense to open discussions with the Mana Party on an issue-by-issue basis, but the question of merging with them looks very unlikely at this stage because of their position to only work with certain parties,which we think would be to the political detriment of our people.” . . .

This is sensible.

There isn’t a single Maori view. Both parties will have common views on some matters but not all.

Mana, like the Green Party, is marooned on the far left where its only chance of being in government are with Labour.

The Maori Party, sensibly stays in the middle, able to go left or right, making it a potential coalition partner in both a National-led or Labour led government.

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