Carbon Farming Website

June 24, 2008

The Carbon Farming Group, a charitable trust funded by the Tindall Foundation has some sobering information for farmers on the impications of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

 I put some top-of-my-head figures in the calculator and discovered that a dairy farm with 1200 cows and 50 hectares of radiata pine would be liable for $46,000 a year.

 A farm with 20,000 sheep and 50 hectares of radiata would pay $ 55,000 a year.

 Cut down the trees and the liability for the dairy farm is $74,100; and $82,500 for the sheep.

 The obvious lesson is to plant more trees, but in an increasingly hungry world replacing pasture with forest is not a sensible strategy. And even with more trees the ETS will impose big costs on farmers, some will have to be absorbed and some will flow on to consumers which will make food even more expensive.

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