QWERTY vs 1,2,3


 When I was in the sixth form we were given the choice of a study period or typing on Thursday mornings.

This was way back in 1973 before computers were common place and typing was normally the preserve of girls in the commercial classes. But the idea of typing appealed more than studying so that’s what I did and I’ve had many reasons to be grateful for those lessons since.

My hand writing is appalling so being able to type essays was a definite help at university and touch typing gave me a head start over those able only to use two fingers at journalism school. My ability to type also enabled me to do office temping when I was looking for work in London and that’s where I first came across word processors which was the start of the march by computers into offices, homes and schools.

Although handicapped by the fact I type faster than I spell, I still prefer typing to writing . In spite of that I’m very slow at texting and wonder if that’s because the letters don’t follow the QWERTY keyboard pattern.

The people who design mobile phones  must think   so because the numeric key pads are going to be replaced by QWERTY ones.

Goodbye, numeric cell phone keypads. You’re going the way of the rotary dial. Touch screens and QWERTY keyboards will take over from here, thank you.

I don’t think they’ll be able to get a phone keypad that’s big enough for touch typing and small enough to be convenient but for those of  used to QWERTY it’ll be easier than 1,2,3.

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