Time for a more relevant holiday?


Is it time for a more relevant holiday than today’s that celebrates the Queen’s Birthday, even though it’s not her birthday?

Queen’s Birthday holiday is the most irrelevant public holiday on our calendar. It’s time for a holiday that actually reflects Aotearoa’s unique place in the world” said Lewis Holden, Campaign Chair of New Zealand Republic.

New Zealand Republic has a petition for Matariki to be marked with a public holiday. Matariki is one potential alternative to Queen’s birthday.

“Queen’s Birthday is not celebrated in the United Kingdom as a public holiday, it’s not the Queen’s actual birthday and only falls on the first Monday in June because that’s when the weather is best in England for military parades. It’s hard to think of a more irrelevant day” concluded Mr Holden.

We have 11 statutory holidays and don’t need another but I’m open to the idea of swapping this one for Matariki.



It’s 7am*.

It’s Sunday.

Tomorrow’s a holiday.

It’s Queen’s Birthday (but not actually the Queen’s birthday) and monarchist or not, almost any excuse for a long weekend is a good one.


I am.

* It’s 8.44pm as I type this but the wonders of time-delayed posts mean it will be 7am when it’s published. I hope it’s much later than that when you read it.

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