Parker still picking on producers


Labour Party MP David Parker reckons capital gains tax will be “fairer” because:

He also believed farm owners were not being taxed enough and the CGT would address that also.

“The only people that can afford a farm are Queen Street farmers, foreign owners or those who have inherited millions.”

This shows how little he knows of the electorate he once represented and how little he understands his party’s policy.

CTG will make it more difficult for people to buy farms. It will concentrate farm ownership in fewer hands and lead to absentee ownership.

And quite why productive proprty should be taxed when art art collections would be exempt.

But perhaps he’s picking on producers again in the hope of appealing to voters in Epsom where there willbe more art collectors than farmers.

But they too know that Labour’s CTG is so complicated, complex and full of holes the only ones who will gain from it are the professionals who’ll be employed to drive trucks through it.

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