Does new sponsor for media awards mean new one for blog awards?


New Zealand’s media awards have a new sponsor and a new name:

The newly named Canon Media Awards include newspapers, magazines, websites blogs and photography with special categories awarding reporters, cartoonists and more. 2010 drew more than 6000 individual entries.

This year the winning entries in the blog category of the Qantas Media Awards attracted derision  from certain parties and resulted in the Air New Zealand Best Blog Awards which were won by Cactus Kate.

No doubt if the Canon awards don’t meet the high standards of the blogosphere an appropriately named alternative will be found.

Let’s get better Best Blog Awards


Whale Oil, Cactus Kate and Oswald Bastable  aren’t impressed with the nominations in the blog category of the Qantas Media Awards.

I agree.

Let’s do something about it with the Best Blog Awards.

Your views on categories, criteria, how and by whom they should be judged are welcome.

Once that’s been determined we can open nominations.

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