Of remembering and mothering


Jim Mora and I started our Critical Mass discussion with a look at the lost art of total recall in which The Guardian’s science editor Robin McKie discusses techniques for improving your memory from Joshua Foer’s book Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything.

We also looked at Just had a baby? Welcome to the 1950s. Rebecca Asher discusses modern motherhood, the equality illusion.

She makes the point that being the primary caregiver is hard and most of the work still falls on mothers.

She is right.

But after reading Private Secret Diary in which Alex Marsh,* writes about being the at-home parent for his children, I concluded that the primary parenting role is no easier when it’s the father who does it.

* Alex has published a book Sex, Bowls & Rock & Roll on giving up paid work to look after his children and swapping music for bowls.

I bought it on the recommendation of Quote Unquote, have just started reading it and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Did you see the one about . . .


Temps perdu – Dim Post on cultural trends.

Clothing and control and wearing the burqa – In A Strange Land on covering up.

We’re still waiting for a Sydney Opera House – Karl du Fresne on the moot that architecture is the mother of all arts.

Shakespeare Stoatspring finds political lessons in literature.

We got to the hospital – a sore toe nearly trumps a caesarean at Private Secret Diary.

This is what the teacher unions  fear – Kiwiblog on how teachers make a difference.

Milking Time – rivettingKate Taylor on sheeps milk and her contributions to the farming year ahead.

Did you see the one about . . .


Chinese Communism – Offsetting Behaviour on attitdues to trade.

“I’m going to kill him,” she shouts – Private Secret Diary spells out signwriting flaws.

Metropolitan police still ‘discriminating against clowns’ – from  News Biscuit- a recent find and very, very funny.

Analysis of a knee jerk with example – Andrei at NZ Conservative on the biology of politics.

Moose at sunrise – Robert Guyton finds art on the beach.

Lauraine Jacobs on restaurant reviews – Quote Unquote worries that chaos and confusion will follow.

Did you see the one about. . .


Burning down the house –  David Slack at Island Life nearly did.

10 quirky science tricks for parties – exactly what it says from Peter Griffin at Sciblogs .

We don’t know how lucky we are – Ofsetting Behaviour reminds us that a simple GST is better.

Chicken pop hole – toilet humour at Private Secret Diary.

Does anyone still work in Wellington? – Quote Unquote’s observations on a trip to the capital.

Broad sweeping generalisations – Laughy Kate on visiting the aunts.

Hilarious – Opposable Thumb isn’t amused by comedy festivals.

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