Why not composting loos?

March 10, 2011

The world supply of chemical loos has been exhausted by the demand from Christchurch.

Portaloos aren’t ideal at the best of times and even less so when they’re being used semi-permanently by several households.

Longdrops in the garden have their limitations. Squatting over a bucket isn’t much fun for the fit and agile and extremely difficult for the overweight, unfit, elderly or infirm.

It could be weeks, possibly months before sewer systems are functioning properly in some areas so what are people to do?

Robert Guyton suggests composting loos.

When friends were building a crib on their farm they installed a composting loo.

It works well and without the unpleasant smell anyone who’s been tramping knows is inevitable with a longdrop.

It’s far easier and more pleasant to get rid of compost than what’s deposited in portaloos or chemical ones and more hygienic for people and gentler on the environment than longdrops.

Why aren’t composting loos being considered?

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