Dump MMP or change it?


A media release from the Business Council for Sustainable Development says a poll shows most of us support changing from MMP.

Thirty eight per cent say they will vote to change to a different voting system and 32% to retain the current MMP one while 26% remain undecided, according to a new nationwide ShapeNZ survey of 2,261 New Zealanders.

When the undecided are invited to specify which option they most lean towards at present, the desire for change becomes firmer. The country then votes  46.6% for change from MMP  37.5% to retain the current MMP system.

After applying leanings, the number of undecided falls from 26% to 11.9%.

The BCSD concludes its release by saying:

The Business Council does not have a policy view on MMP reform. It commissions ShapeNZ to provide the public with an opportunity to contribute to policy making.

The Campaign for MMP, as it’s name implies, does have a policy view on MMP and its take on the same poll is that a modified MMP would be broadly supported.

“Campaign for MMP recognises that many people who support MMP want to change it in some way, and we have strongly supported the government’s initiative to commit to an independent review of MMP.”

“The ShapeNZ survey shows people regard the performance of MMP as better to the old First Past the Post. We think most people don’t want to dump MMP, they want to make it better.”

“The critical message that needs to get out in the lead up to next year’s referendum is that a vote for MMP in 2011 is a vote for setting up a process to improve it,” Sandra Grey said.

This is cart before horse territory.

Voting for a system because you want to change it comes with the risk that you won’t like the changes.



This Friday’s poem was chosen to mark Alfred Lord Tennyson’s birthday yesterday.

I found it on this site dedicated to his poetry.


 We move, the wheel must always move,
    Nor always on the plain,
And if we move to such a goal
    As Wisdom hopes to gain,
Then you that drive, and know your craft,
    Will firmly hold the rein,
Nor lend an ear to random cries,
    Or you may drive in vain;
For some cry ‘Quick’ and some cry ‘Slow,’
    But, while the hills remain,
Up hill ‘Too-slow’ will need the whip,
    Down hill ‘Too-quick’ the chain.

      – Alfred Lord Tennyson –

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