Please, tell me this isn’t serious


When the list of inventions which could improve life is so long, why would anyone waste their time on a website which emails reminders that the women in your life might be pre-menstrual?

I don’t know which is worse, the website or the fact that a newspaper which wants to be taken seriously thinks it’s a good idea.

People who treat the other people in their lives with the consideration and respect they’re due all the time wouldn’t need a reminder and if the others are so stupid they need an email reminder to behave like intelligent and reasonable human beings they probably don’t understand the importance of good manners and chocolate either.

UPDATE: a monkey ought to know better.

UPDATE 2: Deborah at The Hand Mirror  puts it succinctly.

UPDATE 3: In the interests of balance: Kiwiblog  and Monkeywith typewriter give the males’ point of view.

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