Tuesday’s answers

June 8, 2010

Monday’s questions were:

1. Name the five Play School toys.

2. Name the programme set in a North Island timber town which starred Dame Pat Evison.

3. Name the drama set in a fictional publishing firm the stars of which included Ilona Rogers and Miranda Harcourt.

4. Who used to say “by hokey” and what show did he compere?

5. Name three of the four people who shared an office in Gliding On.

Rob got two right 1/2 of #4 and 2/3 of 5 though I’ll give him a fraction for the Welsh one.

Adam gets a point for lateral thinking.

G got four right.

Gravedodger got 4 right plus 2/5 of #1 and a bonus for all that extra information.

PDM got four right and an on the right track for #1 – the opening of Play School went: Here’s a house, here’s a door, windows 1,2,3,4; knock, knock, turn the lock, Playschool! (Why can I remember something I haven’t heard for 20 years but not what I heard a few mintues ago?)

Teletext gets the electronic boquet with a clean sweep.

Ray got three right plus 3/5 of #1 and I’ll let him away with Raewyn  for #5 because although she didn’t share the office, she was in and out often enough to count, and a bonus for touring with exchange students.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break.

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Here’s a house . . .

August 7, 2009

. . . here’s a door, windows one, two, three, four . . .

As soon as I read this  story of the discovery of the Play School Clock  in the Invercargill library, that came back to me.

Ah yes, I just loved Play School – not so much as a part of an audience but because my daughter was a fan which allowed me half an hour in the afternoon when I could be almost certain I’d have no interruptions.

I was reminded what an important part Play School played in the childhoods of people who were pre-schoollers in the 1980s when I was out campaigning with Jacqui Dean just after she’d been selected as the National Party candidate for Otago in 2004.

We’d been introduced to some young people in a Queenstown pub and while Jacqui was chatting to a couple of them a third asked me what she’d done in the past.

I mentioned she’d been an actress and worked on Play School. He grinned, said, “Well that’s all she needs to get my vote,” and started reciting, “Here’s a house, here’s a door. . . “

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