365 days of gratitude


I’m old enough to have listened to the radio long before I saw television.

I’m also old enough to remember cars which didn’t have radios.

That meant people conversed and sang together more than we do now.

But I drive by myself a lot and on long, slow journeys alone save for a dog, as mine home from Wanaka was today, I enjoy listening to the radio.

Today I had the entertainment of Matinee Idle on RadioNZ.

Phil O’Brien and Simon Morris’s music and musing make me laugh and today provided the bonus of an interview with John Clarke’s daughter Lauren and I’m grateful for that.


Matinee Idle National (Radio) treasure


It took me a while to get Matinee Idle which occupies National Radio’s summer afternoon spot.

That was partly because at this time of year I’m outside more so I was introduced to it through random snatches when I popped inside or happened to be driving.

Those snatches always seemed to be more than a little different and it took me a while to work out that different is the default setting for the programme.

The mix of music which might otherwise, and some might say thankfully, not grace the airwaves combined with the badinage between hosts Simon Morris and Phil O’Brien, guest appearances from the show’s technical assistant Kelle Howson and witty feedback from listeners is not the usual National Radio fare. But it’s fun.

The programme is full of surprises, the hosts sound like they’re having a ball and their joie de vivre is infectious.

They amuse me and it’s rare that I listen to them without smiling or even laughing out loud.

This is their last week this summer and maybe it wouldn’t work if it was broadcast all year but Morris and O’Brien have created a National Radio treasure and I’ll miss them when it’s over.


The Listener has profiled the presenters and the programme here and here  and you can join I (heart) Matinee Idle on Facebook.



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