Heavy braking best with ABS


An Automobile Association survey shows nearly 60% of people who have anti-locking braking systems don’t know how to use them.

However, road safety consultant Peter Sheppard says the number who don’t know how to use ABS brakes, is even higher than the AA survey, at 69%.

Both Mr Sheppard and the AA say that if everyone who has ABS, knew how to use it properly, that would save lives.

When I was taught to drive I was told not to jump on the brake pedal in an emergency but to pump it to avoid locking the brakes and skidding.

However, after listening to the audio on the link above I’ve leaned that isn’t the way to make an emergency stop in a car with ABS brakes. Contrary to what I was taught, you’re supposed to hit the brakes hard and let the electronics take over.

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