Pure as


The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint about Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure slogan.

Environmental campaigner Peter Nuttall argued that research into the state of New Zealand’s environment contradicted the claims made in the tourism campaign. . .

In its decision, the Advertising Standards Authority said the slogan is a positioning statement, not an absolute claim.

The slogan is a very successful one for the tourism industry.

It uses the country’s natural beauty but it was never meant to be taken literally.

Nowhere is literally 100% pure, even in its natural state.

Decay and degeneration are part of nature too.

But New Zealand is as pure as it needs to be to sustain a very successful tourism advertising campaign for those sensible enough to take the slogan  figuratively.

Dark green radicals are attacking the slogan as part of their anti-people, anti-business political agenda.

By showing they’re stupid enough to take any advertising slogan literally they’re sabotaging their own credibility.

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