Pea warning

April 4, 2009

It’s not the drug P but the common or garden variety of frozen peas which we’re being warned about:

The National Poison Centre has issued a warning after a toxic black night shade berries were found in several packets of Talley’s frozen vegetables.

The berries are only harmful to adults if consumed in large quantities, but children can have a severe reaction with only a handful.

If this is the continuation of the incident I posted on in February  it’s taken a long time for the warning to be made, if it’s not the same complainant then quality control needs to be upgraded.

Not quite what was ordered

February 22, 2009
The story of the bloke who claims he found a deep fried cicada  with his chips reminded me of an email from a reader whose wife found something which didn’t look like peas in a bag of what was supposed to be frozen peas.

She emailed the processing company got a phone call two minutes later saying it was woody nightshade and they had ordered a product recall.

 She also contacted Consumer, who said they had no record of the recall and that she should inform the Health Department, which she did and they’ve sent the peas for testing.


We get a lot of what I’ve always called deadly nightshade in our garden and I often see it in paddocks. It starts with a small white flower then develops green pea-like seeds that if left long enough – as happens when my weeding isn’t up to scratch – eventually turn black.


The seeds will be carried by birds and it would be impossible to keep them out of crops, but quality control ought to ensure that none gets into packets of peas.


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