Book launch at Fleurs Place


Take the place  which has put Moeraki on the map;

Pour in as many people as it can fit, spill extras outside.

Stir with a live musician.

Top up with fine wine including a delightful pinot gris from Ostler.

Add kai moana platters:

Add author Paul Sorrell, photogrpaher Graham Warman, the main character in the book, Fleur Sullivan and the book itself:

Fleur chats to Kim


The book Fleurs Place by Graham Warman and Paul Sorrell, published by Penguin is being launched at Fleurs Place tomorrow.

Fleur chatted to Kim Hill this morning, you can listen to it here.

Kai moana


Charmian Smith interviews Moeraki’s queen of cuisine Fleur Sullivan as a preview to the launch of the book Fleurs Place by Graham Warman and Paul Sorrell here.

At risk of trespassing on Roarprawn’s territory, I can recommend the kai moana platter to which Fleur refers. It’s a tasting selection of whatever’s fresh that day  which is mana for seafood fans and a great way to introduce less adventurous diners to a wide variety of fish and seafood.

Sneak preview of Fleur’s Place book


When I was supplementing Lonely Planet’s offerings on North Otago yesterday I ought to have mentioned Fleur’s Place  at Moeraki.

I was there for lunch with an Argentinean visitor today and as usual the food was delicious ( Akaroa scallops for him, blue cod with chilli coconut and coriander for me, both accompanied by fresh vegetables).

But what gives Fleur’s Place the edge is Fleur herself. She’s a delight, her enthusiasm is infectious and today she had an added sparkle because she’d just got an advance copy of the book Fleur’s Place by Graham Warman and Paul Sorrell.

I didn’t have time to read the words and recipes but was won over by the photos which captured Fleur, her staff, food, Moeraki identities, land and seascapes beautifully.

The book, which is published by Penguin, will be launched at Fleur’s Place at the end of next month. The sneak preview I got today was enough to solve the what-do-I-get-them-for-Christmas? question for several people on my list.

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