Tuesday’s answers


Monday’s Questions were:

1. Who wrote Among the Cinders?

2. Who said: We are biologically engineered to have the wonder filtered out of out lives, to learn to take astonishing things for granted, so that we don’t waste too much energy on being surpised but get on with the eating and mating, gardening, feeding cats, complaining about taxes or being pleased about economic recovery . . . “?

3. How many NZ Prime Ministers have died in office?

4. Where did the Great Fire of London start?

5. Who invented the cat flap?

Gravedodger and Rayiinz get a bunch of daffodils each for scoring 3/5; Paul Tremewan gets a single camellia flower for two with a bonus for orginality and Paul Corrigan gets a consolatory branch of blossom for trying.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break:

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The New Zealand Week


The New Zealand Week , an on-line review of national and international media, was launched last week.


Edited by Paul Corrigan, it summarises stories from New Zealand and overseas media on current events, politics, science and technology, people, business and consumer news, sport, art and literature, film and theatre and travel.

It looks classy, like a quality magazine with a clean, clear layout,  and it’s easy to navigate – you just click on the top corner of each page to get to the next one.

It aims to provide a one-stop catch up on what’s happened in the previous week and I think it succeeds.

Most people would have come across the major news stories already, but not the summary of views on them, and although I think I’m a news junkie it covered several stories which were new to me.

It credits all sources thought doesn’t link to them, however when I wanted to read more on a story I got to the original in a couple of clicks via Google.

My only criticism is that it doesn’t appear to have any archives which meant when I went back to read something I’d only skimmed in last week’s copy it was no longer available.

If you subscribe you’ll get an email every Friday morning with a link to the new edition.

Declaration of potential interest: Late last year I got a phone call asking if I’d be interested in contributing to The New Zealand Week. It was tempting because I liked what it was aiming to do but I didn’t want to commit to a weekly deadline so turned down the offer, however, we’re still discussing the possiblity of an occasional contribution.

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