ODT confirmed as class act

September 12, 2009

The Otago Daily Times’ Class Act/Extra! won first prize in the young readers section of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association’s Newspaper of the Year awards.

The ODT was also a finalist in the newspaper of the year and the innovation in pre-production processes or technology categories.

The awards attracted 369 entries from newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

The ODT was one of only two New Zealand metropolitan dailies named as a finalist – the other was Wellington’s Dominion Post.

The newspaper of the year winners were: The Sydney Morning Herald (90,000+ circulation); The Geelong Advertiser (25,001-90,000); The Daily Examiner (up to 25,000).

We subscribe to the ODT. It comes with the mail which arrives anytime from early to mid afternoon by which time we’ve caught up on news from it and other papers online and listened to bulletins on the radio. But the paper still provides enough we haven’t yet encountered to keep us paying up.

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