Who said New Zealander’s can’t do who-dunnits?

Ngaio Marsh did, Mary Scott and Joyce West did and now Vanda Symon is doing it too.

Overkill is set in Mataura where Sam Shephard is sole-charge police constable. She discovers the body of a young woman washed up on the banks of the river was murdered. The victim hapens to be the wife of Sam’s former lover and soon she’s a suspect.

I bought the book after reading a review and saved it for a long flight and reading it helped make the journey pass quickly.

Sam is not your typical detective but she’s got grit and I liked her enough to read Symon’s second novel, Ring Master, in which she stars too.

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Post 19 in the post a day for New Zealand Book Month challenge.

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Deborah at In A Strange Land has picked Annie and the Moon by Miriam Smith illustrated by Lesley Moyes.

Oswald Bastable  posts on Oracles and Miracles by Stevan Eldred-Grigg.

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