Campaigning with OPM


The left keep trying to get public funding for central government election campaigns.

Now Auckland mayoral candidate is trying to get other people’s money for local body campaigns:

Mana Party candidate John Minto said the current cap of $580,000 is a barrier to candidates who don’t have corporate backing. . .

Mr Minto said that if the Government provided a pool of funding, similar to the money given to political parties contesting the general election, it would help all candidates to get their message out. . .

The pool he refers to is, I think, public money allocated for broadcasting.

I can’t see any justification for that and definitely don’t see nay justification for giving money to local body candidates.

Some money is required for campaigns but if the bigger spenders got more votes then Colin Craig and his Conservative Party would be in parliament.

Participatory democracy shouldn’t need other people’s money.

If candidates can’t get the help they need, in both financial and people terms, they don’t deserve public funding and if they can they don’t need public funds.

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