Big Ben beats Shrek


Shrek, the merino wether hermit found on Bendigo Station, has held the unofficial title for the heaviest fleece since being shorn in 2004.

But he’s now been beaten by Big Ben:

A merino wether dubbed Big Ben has been shorn of a fleece even heavier than Shrek’s in what is claimed as a world record.

Big Ben was captured with three other renegades on a high country station near Twizel after years escaping musters.

The merinos, estimated to be aged about 7, were clipped at Omahau Hill Station on Saturday night in accordance with Guinness World Records criteria.

Big Ben weighed 71kg before he was relieved of his 28.9kg fleece by New Zealand blade shearing champion and former world champion Tony Dobbs, who said his 25-minute effort was ”certainly not the fastest I have shorn a sheep”.

Shrek’s 27kg fleece had been unofficially regarded as the heaviest in the world.

If confirmed, Big Ben’s record will be the first recognised by Guinness World Records. . .

The fleece will be spun and used to make a baby’s shawl which will be auctioned to raise funds for the Twizel Medical Centre.

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