NZ 3rd in medal table

August 2, 2012

Those worried that New Zealand has only two medals, and  bronzes at that, can relax.

Statistics New Zealand has come up with a new way of calculating Olympic success:

Who has the highest medal strike rate in 2012?

We are crunching the numbers during the London 2012 Olympic Games to show how many medals countries are winning relative to their population.

This differs from the traditional medal table, which ranks countries on the basis of how many gold, silver, and bronze medals they have won.

For example, at the end of day 5, Qatar had one bronze medal, putting them 39th equal on the traditional medal table, and New Zealand, with two bronze medals, was 37th equal. However, if we rank countries on the basis of medals per million people, Qatar (1.76 million people) came 1st, and New Zealand (approximately 4.4 million people) came 3rd.

Using the traditional overall medal count, China was the day 5 leader, with 17 gold, nine silver, and four bronze medals. On our medal count, China was 42nd, because its population is 1.3 billion.


Graph, Medals per 1 million population, after day 5 London 2012 Olympic Games.

Stats NZ will be updating its chart every workign day of the games.

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