Another reflection on failed policies of the noughties


New Zealand’s had its lowest net migration gain  in any 12 month period for seven years in the year to October.

Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) today said there were 87,400 permanent and long term (PLT) arrivals in the year.

While that figure was up 6 percent from the October 2007 year, the 83,000 PLT departures were up 10 percent.

As a result net PLT migration was just 4300, down from 7500 in the October 2007 year and the lowest since 1700 in the October 2001 year.

The 34,600 net PLT outflow to Australia in the October 2008 year was the highest in at least 30 years.

How long do we give the new government to reverse this trend and how long can we blame this sort of bad statistic on the failed policies of the noughties?

Who’s to blame?


The ugly picture painted by Treasury’s latest figures  can’t all be blamed on the turmoil in world financial markets.

Treasury has painted a very ugly economic picture for the incoming National government with cash deficits increasing, growth shrinking, tax revenue diminishing and unemployment rising.

Surely some of the blame for this can be laid on the failed policies of the noughties, if only because if labour was in power they’d be sure to blame it on the “failed” policies of the 80s and 90s.

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