October 19 in history


On October 19:

1453 The French recapture of Bordeaux brings the Hundred Years’ War to a close, with the English retaining only Calais on French soil.

1469 Ferdinand II of Aragon married Isabella I of Castile which paved the way to the unification of Aragon and Castile into a single country, Spain.

A detail of the painting Our Lady of the Fly, attributed to Gerard David and/or someone of the circle of Jan Mabuse

1512 Martin Luther became a doctor of theology

Luther in 1533 by Lucas Cranach

1850 – Annie Smith Peck, US mountaineer, was born.

1882 Italian artist Umberto Boccioni was born.

Umberto Boccioni self-portrait

1899 Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guatemalan writer, Nobel Prize laureate, was born.


1931 English writer John le Carré was born.

John le Carré in Hamburg (10 November 2008)

1943 Streptomycin, the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculosis, was isolated by researchers at Rutgers University


1946 Englsih writer Philip Pullman was born.

1966 US President Lyndon Johnson & his wife, Lady Bird, arrived at Ohakea for a 24 visit to New Zealand.

1974 Niue beccame a self-governing colony of New Zealand.


 Sourced from NZ History Online & Wikipedia.

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