Silver Ferns 50 – Diamonds 49


The Silver Ferns 50 – 49 win over the Australian Diamonds, earned them the Constellation Cup and their first series win in eight years.

The other test


There was another international sporting contest this weekend – and the New Zealand team won.

The Silver Ferns beat the Australian Diamonds 54 -52 in the opening game of netball’s Constellation Cup in Melbourne today.

The teams meet in Auckland on Thursday and play the final game in the series next Sunday in Christchurch.

Aussie women #1


How did I manage to overlook the build up to yesterday’s series decider between the Australian Diamonds and the Silver Ferns?

Did I not notice the interviews with players and coaches,  the commentary from experts, the media coverage of fans who were travelling to support the team or how they’d be gathering to watch at home, or wasn’t there much to notice?

For the record, the  Diamonds won  the game 44-41 in Melbourne last night.

This was their second win in three matches which gives them the Constellation Cup.

That, following the Diamonds’ World Championship win last year takes them to the number one ranking.

NZ wins first test


New Zealand has won the first of today’s tests – the Silver Ferns beat the Australian Diamonds 49 -48.

Please, All Blacks follow their example – though for the sake of the national blood pressure, it would better if it could be by a greater margin.

There is another game


There is another international game today.

It might not be in our town, but it is our team: the Silver Ferns are playing the Australian Diamonds in Perth.


Go Silver Ferns


The Silver Ferns have an extra incentive to play well in Invercargill in the second of their two tests against England this evening.

Tonight’s second test promises to be a momentous occasion, with long-serving New Zealand coach Ruth Aitken guiding the Silver Ferns in her final test on home soil. Aitken will step down from the position after 10 years at the helm after New Zealand’s three-game away series against Australia this month. . .

Silver Fern legend Irene van Dyk will also tick off a significant milestone when she becomes the first international netballer to play 200 tests. The 39-year-old began her career with South Africa in 1994 and has racked up 127 appearances in the black dress after switching allegiances in 2000.

Invercargill always supports netball well and the milestones int he careers of these two women who have done so much for netball will make the match even more special.

Go Silver Ferns.

In case no-one’s noticed . . .


. . . the Silver Ferns are playing England tonight in the first of two netball tests.

The second is in Invercargill on Thursday.


Would asking for three wins be greedy?


I’ve never watched a rugby league game and know very little about the sport.

But I admire the enthusiasm of the Warrior’s fans and have been enjoying the excitement as they contemplate tonight’s NRL final against Manly’s Sea Eagles.

I wish the Warriors well for the game and hope they win.

However, if the sporting gods decide we can’t have both the league trophy and the Rugby World Cup, there’s no doubt in my mind which would be better.

Tonight’s NRL final is a big game and a win would be wonderful, but there’ll be another final next year.

This evening’s All Black match against Canada is no match for the NRL final, but the one or ones which follow will be more important because there won’t be another World Cup for four years.

That said, the Silver Ferns play England in a netball test tomorrow and Thursday and have three tests against Australia later in the month.

Would asking for all three teams to win be greedy?


With so much expertise involved with high level sport, should we sorry that ultra fit sportsmen damage themselves in training?

Sport talk


* Since rugby became professional Southland has lost many of its stars to other provinces. The grapevine tells me that  the Ranfurly Shield win may result in at least one or two of them coming home.

* Garrick Tremain’s cartoon in today’s ODT shows a reporter and camera man at the reception desk of the NZ Cricket Council.

The reporter says: We’d like to do interviews with the captain, the coach, the selector, psychologist, nutritionist, trainer and the coach driver pelase.

The receptionist is on the phone and says: Daniel . . . couple of gentlemen to see you.

* There’s a rugby match in Tokyo tomorrow.

* What’s up with netball?

If you have anything to say on these or other sporting matters this is your chance to do so.

Southland netball champs


Southland scored an upset 56-45 win against Auckland Waitakere in the National netball championship.

It’s been a long time between drinks – they last won the final 49 years ago.

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