Get fit hits ACC


RadioNZ reports that the first five days of the New Year are likely to cost the Accident Compensation Corporation about $1 million in claims, as New Year ‘get fit’ resolutions are put into practice.

I ended 2012 with a reminder that exercise can lead to injuries.

As I got to the top of Mt Iron yesterday I reached for my phone to check how long it had taken me, tripped and fell.

My left thumb swelled and my leg is sporting a large multi-coloured bruise and graze but it’s nothing that requires medical assistance or an ACC claim.

It did prompt a resolution for 2013 though – I’ve resolved to take more care to look where I’m going.

It’s one of those days . . .


It was only 1.5 degrees at the bottom of Mount Iron late this morning but the view from the top was ample compensation for the cold.

It’s one of those days about which Katherine Mansfield said:

”It was one of those days so clear, so still, so silent you almost feel the earth itself has stopped in astonishment at its own beauty.”

In training


Mount Roy stands guard over Lake Wanaka.

It’s  1,578 metres high and those who climb it are rewarded with panoramic views across the lake and up the Matukituki Valley to Mount Aspiring.

My first ascent of Mount Roy was with my best friend and her family when we were about 10.

A hundred or so metres short of the summit we were ready to give up but her father fed us chocolate and talked us to the top.

I’ve walked up several times since then, the last time was New Year’s Eve, 1999. I’ve contemplated climbing it again since then but never got further than good intentions.

However, those good intentions will translate into action soon because the friend with whom I first climbed the hill and I are planning to tackle it again this summer.

I’m taking my training reasonably seriously. It includes a walk up Mount Iron every morning and some days it feels harder than others.

That encourages me to keep training because it’s just 240 metres high and takes me about 30 minutes from the car park to the top. Last time I tackled Mount Roy it took about 3 1/4 hours and as I gaze across to it from Mt Iron I get the feeling it will have got stepper and higher since then.

View from the gym


Looking up Lake Wanaka from the top of Mt Iron this morning.

If you look carefully you’ll see a rainbow.

How’s the view from your gym?


It’s pretty good from mine:

mt iron 4

Sunday Social


We came over to Wanaka on Friday evening and were greeted by a starry sky. That promised a hard frost, which we got, but it was worth it for the views from Mount Iron of blue skies, snow clad mountains and millpond lake.

We spent most of the day at Millers Flat. The road there from Wanaka goes past Lake Dunstan and through Alexandra. The grape vines we passed en route were still wearing winter clothes but the cherry trees were in blossom.

The recent snow and rain have replenished moisture levels in the soil and the pasture is starting to change from winter brown to spring green.

Wanaka gave us another frost and sunny skies this morning but there’s work to be done back home so we can’t stay to enjoy it.

Mt Iron


Last night’s starry sky brought the promised frosty morning and it was -2 when we started up Mt Iron at about 8am.

This hill on the outskirts of Wanaka is one of the town’s many assets. In summer hundreds of people walk up it each day, this morning we passed just four.

It’s very easy to laze around when we come over here so if we tackle Mt Iron every morning we can have a clear conscience if we do nothing more energetic for the rest of the day.

We take the longer and steeper route up the eastern side, because it’s better exercise and then we get the glorious views over the town and lake as we come down the other side.

I time myself from the carpark to the top and when we were here for a couple of weeks in summer I managed a personal best of 28 minutes & 2 seconds. But winter sloth has eroded my fitness and this morning I was back to 31:10. To put that in perspective, some people can run up and down the hill in less time than that.

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