Thais that bind

January 15, 2010

Regular readers will be aware that frequent visitor Paul Tremewan toured Thailand on a Honda Phantom bike last year.

His report of the tour, Thais that Bind, is here.

Paying a fair share

November 19, 2009

Trans Tasman thinks the motorcyclists’ protest was a perfect illustration of the political and economic difficulties we’re going to face:

The bikes thundered into town down the motorway. Grey ponytails streaming into the wind behind them, paunches looming threateningly over their petrol tanks. You are unlikely to see a greater gathering of engaged, aging baby boomers, outside the upcoming Carole King concert. Their air of aggrieved entitlement reminds one these people will be collecting their superannuation in a few years.

And this is the problem. Speeches to the gathering from the protesters made it clear they believe it’s unfair they should have to pay the costs of the risky activity they undertake.  The rest of us should pay. Extrapolate this to superannuation, and health, and you have the starkest illustration possible of the long-term problem.

No-one wants to pay more – directly in fees and levies or indirectly through taxes – but almost everyone wants the services.

As for the motorcyclists’ case, Kiwiblog has some stats. on motorbike accidents and also spots the irony:

. . .  the same people who support banning pies from tuckshops on the basis it may extend someone’s life by a few months in 60 years years time, don’t think incentives to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents are justified.

It’s so much easier to have the state telling other people what to do when it doesn’t affect us directly than to pay a fair share towards something that does.

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Another ATV death

November 3, 2008

A North Otago farm worker died on Saturday when the four wheel motorcycle she was riding rolled and landed on top of her.

Another farm bike fatality

October 7, 2008

A 10 year old boy was killed while riding a motorbike when he and a farm truck collided yesterday.

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