Prof Barry Taylor honoured


Professor Barry Taylor has received the Montgomery Spencer Memorial Oration.

It is awarded by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and recognises a New Zealand paediatrician’s contribution to child health.

Barry is a specialist in paediatrics and child health and was the consultant who cared for our sons.

They had degenerative brain disorders. Barry went many extra miles to find a diagnosis and when that wasn’t possible, to make sure they had as good a quality of life as was possible.

It is of immense comfort to us to know that everything possible was done for our sons in their short lives. Barry as the leader of the team who looked after them on their repeated visits to Dunedin Hospital, played a very important role in that.

Cot death was a major concern at that time and Barry was one of the leading researchers into what caused it and how to prevent it.

The award comes from his peers. He has also more than earned one from the children he treated and their parents.

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