Montana Book Award Finalists announced


The finalists in the Montana Book Awards include, The 10pm Question by Kate De Goldi which won the NZ Post Children’s Book Award.

Ladies A Plate: Traditional Home Baking by Alexa Johnston is a finalist in the Lifestyle and Contemporary Culture section. This is an intergenerational book. It’s full of recipes my mother used to make and I gave a copy to my daughter.

Another finalist in that section is The Pavlova Story: A Slice of New Zealand’s clinary History by Helen Leach (and yes, records show it was cooked in New Zealand before Australia).

The full list of finalists is here.

Win $1380 worth of books


New Zealand Books Abroad is marking New Zealand book month by giving visitors to its website the opporutnity to win the 25 Montana Book Award 2008 finalists which are valued at $1380.

All you have to do to enter the draw to win is to pick the phoney titles from the genuine ones in their webshop.

While browsing the website I came across a new title:

Milking Shed Favourites: A South Island Miscellany (Book and CD)

Butt, Red

The jacket blurb of this best seller promises an increase in the quality and quantity of milk production and more relaxed animals. The lyrics in the book are supported by a waterproof CD; the inspiration of Red Butt, a cow cocky from the Catlins. Butt, furious at being kicked and stomped on, started whistling soothing sonatas to his herd. The change in their behaviour was hugely awesome — Red. But the real breakthrough came when he re-recorded New Zealand classics, retaining the original lyrics and changing their upbeat funky tunes to calmer renditions: If if Weren’t for Your Gum Boots translates into a memorable Gregorian chant; the melodious oboe in Down the Hall on a Saturday Night is guaranteed to increase lactation; Daisy, Daisy, Give Me An Answer Do echoes a Viennese waltz. However, the tour de force on the CD is the NZ Symphony Orchestra’s unique rendition of Taumarunui (on the Main Trunk Line). Butt is working on a companion book and CD for the Egg Marketing Board.

Even though the international price for dairy products is going down, I’m hoping there’s room in the farm budget for this. It sounds like just what we need to ensure the dairy shed’s humming.

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