ST editorials now come with smiles

August 21, 2008

I don’t know if the Southland Times has had a change of staff or a change of style, but I’m enjoying their tongue in cheek editorials.

Today’s offering comfort because Queenstown didn’t make it on to the new Monopoly board left me with a grin.

Gdansk got in, you’ll notice. Good on good old Gdansk. Magnificent old Polish shipyard town that it is.

Kudos to Kiev as well, and send our regards to Riga. Because at times such as this Queenstown types now have a chance to show their most generous disposition.

If anything, first and foremost in our thoughts and prayers should be Aucklanders, whose city dipped out, too. And when the New Zealand landmark version came out last year, neither the Sky Tower nor Viaduct Harbour got a look in. At least the Queenstown skifields, along with Milford Sound, made it on to that one.

Let’s remind ourselves that this latest spasm of promotional rivalry, both national and global, was for the most part civil enough. Feel free to emit a small sigh of relief. That was never a given.

Wars have started over less.

And days have gone better because they start with a smile.

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