Meringues made easy


One of my special occasion specialities is meringues using Jo Seager’s recipe.

I couldn’t find it on line but  it’s similar to this one.

Just double the quantities and replace the espresso with two teaspoons of vanilla.

That makes about 100 small meringues and I’ve sometimes made several batches at once when catering for large numbers.

That’s a lot of eggs to separate and try as I might I usually get the yolk mixed up with the white at least once. That’s why I always separate them one at a time, dripping the white into a glass then tip it into the mixing bowl so I don’t contaminate the whites I’ve already separated.

This looks like a better way.

I’ve never tried it but if it works it would make meringue making much easier.

What about the yolks?


A tip from Jo Seagar: egg whites can be stored in a covered container in the fridge for up to three weeks.

You can use them for pavlovas or meingues but my problem isn’t excess whites, it’s excess yolks.

I tend to make meringues and pavlova in bulk which leaves me with multiple yolks.

You can put a few extra in a quiche, but what about the rest?

I usually give them to our dog. Pepper enjoys them and has a very shiny coat but the repeated waste-not-want-not exhortation from my parents when I was growing up is still ingrained and makes me feel there might be a better use for them.

Two things I learned this week


1) It’s not a good idea to start making meringues, run out of time and finish mixing them next morning. The sugar crystalises and separates when they cook with a detrimental affect on both taste and texture.

2) The fool-proof pavlova recipe isn’t fool-proof if you cook it at the wrong temperature.


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